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    CrusaderIX Farewell and Though


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    CrusaderIX Farewell and Though

    Post by CrusaderIX on Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:33 pm

    Hi Guys! it's me Noob CrusaderIX, I've been in this guild since tenecious till now.... I don't intend to leave to join any1, I cant be very active since my brother Q is going for along vacation and i love my social life and party life too much to say no to stay home and play TOP2! Since I'm the highest Level in this game i decided to have my own guild lolz! I love Fate cause of my good friend KaiX, he is crazy sometimes but i never think of betrayed him for any guild Smile! Well i wont be as good as KaiX or as active KaiX and spend alot of times for guild, lately he have exam which is very important for a person future so i hope u all understand! In my new guild is just for people that enjoy the game, i don't care if you inactive cause i worked and have have lots of responsibility so i understand how it's! I don't care if we lose maze, if we weak we do something about it and get stronger, and i solo myself to 92 so everyone can do it.. At level 82 i still on wyrm with no stat, thanks to KaiX for my first BOE @82, i wont forget.. AT level 92 I'm still on single BOE and still can lvl Smile, I've skip DOE and BOE and REF but still make the top level LOL... Well thanks to Q hahahaha, Well i finally got a Black Dragon Eye in the end, thanks to KaiX again, he think i deserve it... It's on my 3rd socket with lvl 2 chipped rage then level 4 rages then the level 1 BD eye! If people in fate don't think i deserve it, i'll gladly plier it out and will try to get all the ref to reforge it again, just don't give my friend KaiX a hard time Smile! One thing i do mind in my new guild is greedy people and annoying people, if ppl in guild feel like helping each other out leveling then that is good, cause the most annoying things is keep asking for plvl.. We don't do that in my guild, we just help out friends when we can. Also no calling out names or argueing with other guild, if we don't like them.. Just pawn them in CA or Maze if we can, show them our power, just don't act like an idiot and get all mad!! If you get sick of TOP2 go out have fun with your mate in real life, party enjoy and when your ready come back.. Don't stress out!! Well KaiX is much good guild leader then me, he know alot of things about the game not like me.. I hope you all help him make it stronger but if we see each other in PK maze let PK and enjoy the fun of it... That is the best part, as for BD we can join and do it together and help each other out Smile!!

    Well that is all for me, i wont be an awsome leader, i wont active but i will be fair to all, if you're greedy and annoying don't bother joining cause i'll kicked you out even if you're good and active Razz!! I'll accept anyone from fate or ring or any other guild, hope we be in the same guild again someday KaiX Smile! If not let pk in maze for fun and we can always do BD together and winter Maze!! Cheeers!! P.S don't worry about deleting me in forum, trust me i got nothing to spy on my friends Smile.. I just want to log in and see some of the funny stuff you guys as my friends post Smile!!


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    Re: CrusaderIX Farewell and Though

    Post by iiTzPkTime on Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:43 pm

    guys i am joining crusix guild, still will help all and friends to everyone, just think id be better off their. KaiX when u can i need to talk with u.. guys thanks for everything and hopfully will all be in same guild again one day ^^

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